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Get Britain Selling Seminar Application

Our Get Britain Selling Campaign

  1. Raise awareness for sales to be recognised as a professional career pathway in schools, colleges and universities. 
  2. Reduce poverty in disadvantaged areas through sales to underpin social and economic growth. 
  3. Support entrepreneurs to release their true sales potential. 
  4. Establish a sales driven enterprise hub in the City of London. 
  5. Establish learning hub within grass roots communities for potential sales people to develop their sales skills and gain opportunities. 
  1. Increase UK corporates sales revenues through generating more business. 
  2. Improve corporate sales ethics and CSR. 
  3. Lobby overseas companies and governments to work with UK sales companies.
  4. Develop more competent professional sales people to supply demand from UK companies.  
  5. Sustain UK economic growth 
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