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In order to support enterprise growth, it is essential that enterprise providers focus more on selling the product or service for startups and existing businesses to generate growth. Our present message in the UK is extremely reactionary and based on out of date strategies and tactics that are not functional in today's environment which is changing rapidly every day. 

We are teaching our micro and SME businesses to market themselves in methods that to many of them cannot afford and do not have the capital or practical experience to capture the returns on investment. We need to simplify our route to market and teach our up and coming businesses to sell their product or services to their proposed prospects utilising scarce resources that will enable them to generate more profits and leverage capital more effectively than the holy grail approach that is seeing most of our businesses fail day after day. 

A company can start selling with very little operation costs (Phone & Database)  and get positive feedback on their route to market very quickly by tracking, monitoring and getting feedback from converted buyers, this approach is much more effective than speculating who their target market might be and what their position will be. Sales mean business, more business is more capital and liquidity into the business it is a simple as that. 

We need to get our enterprise centre's running as dynamic sales incubators rather than a focus on the reactionary social media frenzy that seems to be taking hold of our micro and SME businesses, the world is full of buyers and sellers, we have to teach our enterprises how to sell more effectively in order for them to grow their businesses and take it  up to the next level so that they can start to employ more people based on actual capital in the bank rather than what they owe the bank. 

Our method and approach at Sales Mastery UK to teaching enterprise is rooted in generating more sales growth and maintaining your client base, sustainability is not based on how much you owe the bank jumping form loan to loan, it is grounded in how much sales you are bringing into your business for it to grow in real terms. 

When opportunity knocks you have to seize the time cause you never know when it may come round again, proactive selling with ethical behaviours utilising all social mediums as tools to support the proactive selling approach is how our micro and SME businesses will sustain themselves to protect our pensions and our children pensions.