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Student achievement is at an all-time high at Sales Mastery UK; however, some students are still struggling and need to be fully supported to reach their full potential.

Learning Support Guidelines is that every student has a basic right to academic/vocational programs and services to meet his or her unique needs to achieve his or her full potential. and early detection and intervention with students experiencing learning and other problems prevent costly and intensive interventions later on.

In order to ensure that each learner achieves to his or her true potential, Sales Mastery UK provides academic/vocational educational programs and support services that address the needs of all learners. In other words, Sales Mastery UK will provide “whatever it takes” for each student to be successful.

In practice, the majority of students should succeed through the basic academic/vocational and support services available to all students.

Those students who are not succeeding must be identified swiftly and provided additional academic or support services to remedy their performance problems.

Because of the diverse population in the UK, our foundation services and learning interventions provided will vary from learner to learner.

These guidelines provide our teaching staff with the flexibility to design their educational programs by developing the necessary systems to meet the unique needs of their learners.

These guidelines are meant to be an overview and not to serve as a prescription.

Specific intervention would:

Provide thorough diagnostic and assessment procedures;

Provide intervention services based on the results of the diagnostics;

Collect data regularly, and use the data to evaluate the effectiveness of the intervention(s).

Our guidelines address the needs of all learners, not just those who have failed or who are at risk of not meeting standards.

Special education, limited English proficient and gifted services are embedded within these guidelines. Although each of these categorical streams has unique components based on national occupational requirements, the data derived from the appropriate implementation of A Comprehensive System of Learning Supports will be critical in identifying learners who qualify for such support and to plan to programme.