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Sales Mastery UK Admissions Policy Statement 

Sales Mastery UK Admissions Policy

Our Vision:

 A quality online environment to study and to serve our students by facilitating their needs.  

Our Mission:

Sales Mastery UK firmly believes that embracing learner views and providing structured opportunities for learners to have direct involvement in evaluating and shaping their own learning experience has a significant and effective impact on developing the Training Provision’s quality improvement processes, increasing learner success rates and developing our learners as effective citizens in the wider community. 


Our Shared Core Values:

We are committed to our students and always working to facilitate their needs and adjust where need be to meet those needs.

We are ardent about the improvement of scholarly and practical professional skills and know the significance of distance learning when developing careers, raising aspirations and broadening minds.

We vigorously endorse equality and social and economic insertion by valuing, respecting everyone’s views and opinions to create a positive environment for cross-cultural dynamics to collective achieve and aspire.

We focus on improving our quality in everything we do; this is achieved by a collective approach that encompasses all stakeholders.

We value the online learning to include all, we seek to provide an enjoyable, suitable, protected and secure environment for all whilst studying or working with Sales Mastery UK.

We seek to arrive at the best resolution in search of excellence, for the students, staff and the wider community, and undertake not to let bureaucracy or any boundaries that compromise our students and staffs learning experience.

Our policy seeks to implement our relationship and engagement with our stakeholders and is integrated into our strategic thinking.

Sales Mastery UK has an open door Policy that aims to be the fair, unambiguous and impartial treatment of applicants who want to learn with us.

We are committed to providing flexibility, elevating excellence into our teaching and learning environment. Our focus is to support students to unleash their full potential.

Sales Mastery UK offers a variety of vocational and professional course certified by our awarding bodies.

Sales Mastery UK is dedicated and accommodating of equal admittance and aims to prevent unfair discrimination practice.

Students are assessed as individuals, taking into account both academic and vocational achievements.


Admissions Code of Practice

Our key principles are aligned to [QAA Indicator 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8] Sales Mastery UK is committed to accurate and appropriate pre-entry information and provides advice and guidance to prospective students to support their decision-making process in applying for the right course. 

Sales Mastery UK has a centralised a chat line, virtual platform and online admission service to underpin our message.

Admissions offers are based on previous learning and occupational experience which has to be agreed and confirmed prior to course entry.

Our Admissions are responsible for all communications internally and externally, end to end.

Applications for further education should be made direct to Sales Mastery UK. All applications should be made through our Admissions service.

Applications from mature students who are not applying directly from, or within a year of leaving, school or college, who have non-standard qualifications or who wish work experience to be taken into account as part of their application, will be considered on an individual basis.

Applications from international students will be considered and processed consistently in line with Sales Mastery UK international applications criteria. However, offers of acceptance will include the necessary prerequisite to comply with the equivalent of Sales Mastery UK minimum course entry requirement.

Admissions will make an assessment and evaluation using both UK NARIC (National Academic Recognition Information Centre).

International applicants must be proficient in English.

Sales Mastery UK encourages all international applicants to browse our online learning platform thoroughly prior to making their decision.

Sales Mastery UK may for some courses interview applicants online for some courses to assess their eligibility.

For the majority of courses, Sales Mastery UK does not require the applicant to attend a formal online interview. However, in some cases applicants will be interviewed if it is felt that this would identify the potential to study and succeed.

Allowance can be made for any applicant with confirmed exceptional circumstances, for example, It is the responsibility of the applicant to provide full and accurate information to the admissions team following due process and to notify the Sales Mastery UK of any changes or corrections to their original application.

Sales Mastery UK admission procedure for students is undertaken in accordance with published codes of practice, including the SPA Good Practice for Admissions Policies.

Any changes to any of our courses including extraction, approval or other important changes to the content will be communicated to applicants and students immediately.

Occasionally it may be needed to change components of the course and to keep it updated and current.

Applicants with disabilities or additional needs are considered on the same academic grounds as all other applicants. Applicants are encouraged to disclose their additional support needs or disability at the point of application or earlier to ensure appropriate levels of support and/or reasonable adjustments are available from the outset of the course.

Qualified advice and guidance staff are available to discuss any aspect of individual needs, prior to and during our admission process and thereafter are available by appointment at any time to facilitate any issues that students may have.

Additional support is any learner who may be experiencing or has difficulties. This may vary according to individual needs but could include additional financial and welfare support/assistance.

Our team also encourage disclosure of whether students are young adult carers (16-24-year-olds whose life is in some way restricted because of the need to take responsibility for the care of a person on a regular basis). As well as any additional support our team have good links to specialist external agencies which offer support and provide further assistance.

Sales Mastery UK Learners Services offers a range of services including additional learning support, and welfare and counselling. These services are promoted to students as widely as possible.

Admissions criteria and selection [QAA Indicator 7, 8] Sales Mastery UK is committed to providing truthful and correct pre-entry information to support prospective students in order to ensure that they are enabled to make an informed decision about whether to apply.

Sales Mastery UK website and printed publications provide clear information and guidance on all entry requirements, grades and subjects.

Whilst we will normally consider a wide range of subjects as appropriate entry onto our courses, applicants are advised to check individual course requirements, where in some cases there are specific subjects or combination of subjects which we believe will provide the best preparation for study on a particular course.

Sales Mastery UK course specific entry qualifications. We will not state specific unit grades as part of our conditional offers but we may look closely at unit grades in cases where applicants do not meet the conditions of their offers at Confirmation.

Unit grade information will also be taken into consideration during Clearing. Sales Mastery UK welcomes applications from those with vocational qualifications, who are returning to education, who do not have the specified formal qualifications and those who are not applying directly from or within a year of leaving school or college, who have non-standard qualifications or who request work or life experience to be taken into account as part of their application.

In addition to academic qualifications, Sales Mastery UK will consider whether the applicant is suitably motivated to successfully complete their chosen course. When selecting applicants Sales Mastery UK will take into account information provided within the personal statement and reference. International qualifications are welcomed together with an appropriate level of English Language.

International qualifications are evaluated by referring to independently published guides such as UK NARIC and the UCAS Guide to International Qualifications

Applicant experience, expectation and engagement [QAA Indicator 10] the process of engaging with applications early in the admissions cycle builds a strong sense of ‘belonging’ from the outset. As part of our continuous engagement with applicants and to support the transition into Higher Education, vocational tutors together with admissions and support staff, provide essential pre-entry information, advice and guidance.

Each subject area has its own tutor, responsible for course-specific decisions, offer and supporting prospective students through their initial enquiry, application and follow-up to start their course.

During confirmation, applicants receive further information to support vocational studies preparation, including induction and registration details.

A Comprehensive Induction video is accessible online and sent to students prior to starting their studies. Sales Mastery UK course induction takes place during the first week after registration.

The content of the vocational studies induction may vary by subject area but will include course and module information, teaching, learning and assessment, an introduction and discussion of the Student Charter, the published Course Handbook, and regulations.

Students will be shown how to access their online course timetable on Sales Mastery UK virtual learning environment. Admissions tests.

[QAA Indicator 6] It is not Sales Mastery UK standard policy to use admissions tests as part of its selection process.  Offers [QAA Indicator 6, 8] on receiving an application the applicant will be issued with an acknowledgement within 3 working days, however, during busy periods particularly during Christmas closure, the turnaround times may be extended. Where possible decisions will normally be made within 5-7 working days and offer dispatched either electronically via email or post.

Any offer and/or subsequent registrations are made on the basis of the information supplied by the applicant is true and complete. In some cases where an applicant has applied for one course and is unsuccessful, an alternative course may be offered, in which case this will be officially communicated to the applicant by our Admissions Office.

The applicant is then asked to confirm that they accept an alternative course by emailing confirmation to the Admissions Office. If an offer cannot be made, the applicant’s file is referred to the appointed subject specific Admissions Officer. This ensures that the file has been thoroughly examined and no details/evidence missed. An offer, whether conditional or unconditional, will be made in good faith taking into account information supplied by the applicant and/or referee at the time of the application. In light of additional information which was not available at the time of selection, an offer may be amended or, in exceptional circumstances, withdrawn.

Sales Mastery UK reserves the right to correct errors where they have been made in the communication of decisions and offers. However, an offer made in error where all conditions have been satisfied will only be withdrawn with the applicant’s consent. Contextual Data [QAA Indicator 6] Sales Mastery UK will be collecting contextual data from UCAS. Publicly available datasets from the government and other agencies will be collated and stored, such as school/college A-level performance. No decisions will be made purely on the basis of this information and all applicants must meet our standard vocational studies criteria to be considered for entry.

Contextual data may be used as part of the overall decision-making process and will not be used in isolation.

Sales Mastery UK Admissions Policy confirmation procedure includes the exchange and processing of data between schools and Colleges.

Feedback to unsuccessful applicants [QAA Indicator 7, 8, 9] In order to support our transparent admissions process, Sales Mastery UK undertakes to provide appropriate feedback to unsuccessful applicants and where possible consider alternate courses of study. Admissions Officers are prepared to provide written feedback upon request from the applicant. This communication should provide details as to why the applicant was unsuccessful in gaining an offer and where possible options for alternative courses of study at Sales Mastery UK.

Feedback will only be made directly to the applicant unless Sales Mastery UK receives a written request from the applicant to share information with other individuals. Full details are available in the Admissions Code of Practice

Disclosing a Criminal Conviction [QAA Indicator 6] the admission of students with a declared criminal conviction is subject to assessment by the Applications Committee in relation to the duty of care to the wider Sales Mastery UK community. All information disclosed to the Applications Committee is confidential and will be held as such by the committee in accordance with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1988.

Applicants who declare a criminal conviction will receive a letter accompanied by a criminal conviction disclosure form (SCCIF). The disclosure form requests further information about the nature of the conviction. This information will be then be reviewed by the Applications Committee.

The Applications Committee Terms of Reference, including the detailed Students with Criminal Convictions policy and procedure is available from the College Secretary.

Admissions with academic credit / direct entry [QAA Indicator 7] Applicants are welcomed with non-standard entry qualifications and those with prior experience and achievements. Some applicants may be able to transfer credit for previous learning or claim credit for some elements of the course. Details are available upon request.

APL and APEL [QAA Indicator 7] Applicants may be considered through the accreditation of prior learning (APL), which may be certificated or experiential. The Admissions Officer for the relevant course is responsible for advising the student on whether their previous learning might be used to replace part of their proposed course of study.

Their application for APL is considered by the Credit Approvals Board. Staff and Student Guides on the APL process are available. The College welcomes top-up applications from students who have gained previous qualifications.

Applicants are advised to contact the subject admissions tutor to discuss individual requirements. Bridging studies may be required as part of the entry criteria, where applicable.

Deferred Entry [QAA Indicator 7] Applicants may wish to defer their entry. Sales Mastery UK generally welcomes applicants who intend to defer their entry for a year (a gap year). If this is the case the applicant should contact the Sales Mastery UK Admissions Office.

Sales Mastery UK will not normally allow an applicant to defer their entry for more than one year. If the applicant requests a deferral for more than one year, the applicant must re-apply.

Fees and Finances [QAA Indicator 5] Students are expected to have sufficient funds to pay course fees and living expenses during their period of study. Information regarding current fees, scholarships and bursaries can be located on the Sales Mastery UK website and are also published in the Vocational Education Fees – Financial Information and Regulations for Students. Fees for overseas students are fixed annually and therefore a small increase will be applied during the duration of the student’s course.

Sales Mastery UK reserves the right to change the level of Home/EU tuition fees subject to the provision of our current Access Agreement for students as approved by The Office of Fair Access.

Our  Admissions Team determines the tuition fee status of a student in accordance with UK Government legislation Education (Fees and Awards) Regulations which states that students who are classified as 'overseas' may be charged a higher level of fee than those classified as 'home' or 'EU' students. Assessments of fee status are carried out on an individual basis and take into account the circumstances of each applicant.

Assessments cannot be carried out until an application for admission has been made. A completed Fee Status Questionnaire together with supporting evidence is used to assess and determine an applicant's fee status. There is a compulsory tuition fee deposit requirement for overseas applicants. Deposit Policy. 18. English Language Requirements [QAA Indicator 5, 6, 7] Entry criteria for students whose first language is not English are reviewed annually. Reviews include consideration of UKVI rules and are carried out in consultation with the Schools, the Pre-Sessional English Language (PSEL) course leader and staff responsible for International Recruitment.

Review outcomes are reported to ASQEC and revised guidance is published on the Sales Mastery UK website. The College engages fully with prospective students and makes offer decisions swiftly.

Applicants whose first language is not English must prove that they are proficient in the English language necessary to succeed in their chosen course. For applicants who do not currently reach the required criteria, registration onto one of our Pre-Sessional English Language courses may be sufficient. The Pre-Sessional English lasts between 24 weeks and 6 weeks and is delivered in 6-week blocks; the entry point is based on the student’s level of English. The course is designed to support international students whose first language is not English.

On completion of the PSEL course, and subject to passing all the required assessment or achieving the required International English Language Testing System (IELTS) score, students would normally progress on to a  Further Education (Level 3) or Higher vocational Education course. The descriptor for Level 4 in the QAA Framework for Higher Vocational Education Qualifications (FHEQ) has informed the design of this course.

The English language requirements of Sales Mastery UK are benchmarked against the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for languages) and the IELTS test (International English Language Testing Service).

Applicants whose first language is not English must be able to provide evidence that they have sufficient English to follow the course they wish to take at Sales Mastery UK. This will require evidence of the successful study of the English language of at least four years, with the date of their highest level English language exam being within five years of the date of application.

Applicants who are unable to fulfil these requirements are subject to the same rules as for non-EEA applicants. Non-EEA nationals whose first language is not English must prove that they are sufficiently able to understand and express themselves in both spoken and written English. Sales Mastery UK requires that these applicants have a minimum level of English language as shown below (Table 2).

Table 2 IELTS [validity 2 years] PTE [validity 2 years] FE [CEFR B1] Evidence of SELT will be required for CAS Overall score 5.5 Minimum 5.0 in all elements Overall 43 Minimum 43 in all elements FDA / Higher Certificates / Higher Diplomas [CEFR B1] Evidence of SELT will be required for CAS Overall score 5.5 Minimum 5.0 in all elements Overall 43 Minimum 43 in all elements UG degree [CEFR B2] Evidence of SELT is not required for CAS Overall score 6.0 Minimum 5.5 in all elements Overall 59 Minimum 59 in all elements PG [CEFR B2] Evidence of SELT is not required for CAS Overall score 6.5 Minimum 5.5 in all elements Overall 62 Minimum 59 in all elements.

Fraudulent statements, Omissions and Similarity provide a Similarity Detection Service, which identifies potential plagiarism in applicants’ personal statements. Full details are published on our website.

The following is the policy and procedure that Sales Mastery UK will adopt:  when an applicant under the Similarity Detection Service and the percentage of similarity is equal to or above 40% the Head of Admissions will contact the applicant and invite him/her to submit a revised personal statement within 14 days.

The applicant's file will be held in central Admissions on receipt of a revised personal statement the application will be sent to the relevant subject Admissions.

Tutor and a decision made following the standard admissions procedure where no revised statement is received within 14 days a reminder will be sent to the applicant by the Head of Admissions, giving a further 7 days notice and a notification of a possible course rejection if no response is received where no revised statement is received after the two notifications the applicant’s file will be passed to the relevant subject.

Admissions Tutor with the percentage score in order to make a decision 20. Transparency [QAA Indicator 4, 8, 9] Sales Mastery UK seeks to provide applicants with clear and accurate information. This includes information about the Admissions Policy and processes, published course information, entry requirements, admissions procedures, financial costs, and the social and support facilities which Sales Mastery UK offers are available for all courses.

These can be located on our website from the Search facility.

Monitoring and Evaluation [QAA Indicator 4] The Admissions Policy is monitored and reviewed annually by the Standards Committee. The Standards Committee meets to consider and monitor entry requirements, recommend changes to the tariff and monitor and approve entry criteria.

Admission profiles in respect of race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, sexuality, disability, age and qualifications on entry are considered and monitored by the Equality and Diversity Group. A student representative is included in the membership of this group.

Central Admissions periodically audits offers made, timescales and application turnaround times. Sales Mastery UK makes every effort to ensure that the information we provide is accurate when it is published. Sales Mastery UK provides materials such as the prospectus and subject-specific literature before a course begins.

Applicants can also refer to our website for the most up-to-date information about course content, selection criteria, processes and financial matters. Sales Mastery UK is committed to providing the service of fair and accessible admission.

All staff involved in recruitment and selection is offered and encourages attending training which is appropriate to their role. Discontinued or suspended Courses [QAA Indicator 9] Sales Mastery UK will use all reasonable endeavours to deliver courses of study in accordance with descriptions published and set out in the relevant prospectus, publish materials and the Sales Mastery UK website.

However, our prospectus is produced prior to our admissions cycle and it is inevitable that changes may occur between the date of printing and entry on to a course.  

Sales Mastery UK will undertake practical and reasonable steps to minimise the impact of potential changes and will ensure that all applicants are kept fully informed.

New courses are continually being introduced to the portfolio and optional modules revised. Applicants are advised to contact Sales Mastery UK for up-to-date course information. Sales Mastery UK reserves the right to withdraw courses or parts of courses where there is insufficient demand, to charge a registration fee to cover aspects such as study and learning materials and to vary modes of delivery.

Our offer to the applicant and the acceptance of a place at Sales Mastery UK will be subject to this condition. Sales Mastery UK Regulations and the vocational study Regulations are contained in the appropriate Student Handbooks, which are available on request.

Where it is necessary to discontinue or suspend a course or where there are significant changes to a course, between the time an offer is made and enrolment, the central Admissions Office will inform the applicants and advise them of the options available.

Sales Mastery UK operates specific procedures in relation to course closure. 23. Disclaimer Sales Mastery UK reserves the right to make variations to courses, entry requirements and methods of delivery, and to discontinue or combine courses, both before and after the student’s admissions to Sales Mastery UK, if such action is reasonably considered necessary by Sales Mastery UK. If in these circumstances the student wished to withdraw and enrol on a course at a different institution, we shall endeavour to assist the student.

Data Protection [QAA Indicator 2] By signing the Sales Mastery UK application form, applicants give their permission to the institution (Sales Mastery UK) to process their personal data for the purposes of selection and admission.

The information on the application will form a key part of the individual student record. Should the applicant register as a student, this information will be used to make statutory returns to various bodies such as the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA).

A full and detailed declaration is available upon request and part of the online registration process for each year that the student is registered with Sales Mastery UK.

All data is held and processed in accordance with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998. BE Ltd Admissions Policy 11 Anonymised applicant data is analysed by Sales Mastery UK for statutory monitoring, planning, teaching and learning, equality and diversity and in order to ensure that the processes are fair and effective.

Appeals and Complaints Procedure [QAA Indicator 3] It is recognised that very occasionally applicants may have reason to question or express an opinion to Sales Mastery UK about its decision or the way in which their application has been handled.

Applicants in this situation should direct their query initially to the Admissions Officer for the course they have applied within 28 days of the occurrence (e.g decision, interview, open day), during Clearing the timeframe to investigate disputes will be 14 days. If they remain dissatisfied, the query should be directed to the Head of Registry & Admissions who will conduct a review of the complaint and/or appeal in order to safeguard the applicants’ interest.

A complaint is a specific concern related to a procedural error, irregularity or maladministration in the admissions procedures or policies. An appeal is a request for a formal review of an admissions decision or the wording/terms/conditions of an offer. If at any time during the admissions cycle, an applicant has cause to complain or appeal about an operational, admissions decision or administration matter, they should contact the Head of Admissions.

If there is cause to continue with the complaint or appeal the applicant should put forward their complaint or appeal through Sales Mastery UK formal Complaints Procedure, available upon request from the Secretary.

Confidentiality [QAA Indicator 2] The Admissions Office is not in the position to share the applicant’s personal details with a third party unless we receive confirmation from the applicant in writing.

All application data is treated in strict confidence and is shared between the applicant, the Admissions Officer and admissions staff within the appropriate School and Department involved in admissions processes. All application data is stored centrally in the Admissions Office. Application data of successful applicants form the basis of the student record.

All data is held and processed in accordance with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998.

Student Induction [QAA Indicator 10] An informal cross- Induction and Enrolment Planning Working Group, with membership from Registry, Marketing, Learner Services and other support departments has worked to improve the experience of new students and their journey and transition into study life. The induction process commences with students receiving online pre-course information from central Admissions.

The initial online induction information provides an overview of central information such as online timetables, and useful websites/contact information. This information supports the students’ experience from induction to registration.

Dissemination of the curriculum information to students occurs predominantly during induction, initial online tutorials and at the course and 1-2-1 assessment tutorials.

During confirmation, applicants receive further detailed information to support vocational studies preparation, including induction and registration details. A comprehensive Induction Guide is sent to all confirmed applicants.

The induction and generic delivery of the Research Methods module encourage students to meet and work with their peers from other disciplines and be part of the wider online Sales Mastery UK community.

Student Charter [QAA Indicator 10] The Sales Mastery UK Charter is in place to underpin learning. Sales Mastery UK is committed to continually improving the quality of its services and the Student Charter is one way of outlining that commitment to you.

The Student Charter aims to outline what students can expect of the Sales Mastery UK, as well as outlining what is reasonably expected of students by Sales Mastery UK. The Student Charter explains how students can make the most of the opportunities available to them whilst being a student at Sales Mastery UK. The Student Charter has been prepared in collaboration with the Students. The Charter is reviewed annually.

Higher Education Achievement Report [QAA Indicator 1] The Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) is intended to provide a single comprehensive record of a learner’s achievement.

The aim of Sales Mastery UK is to issue a HEAR to students. Sales Mastery UK engages with an external HEAR support group and an internal Steering Group has been established with student representation.

Internal discussions with the students have led to the development of the potential content of HEAR section 6.6 relating to an extra-curricular activity.

Record keeping duties [QAA Indicator 2] Sales Mastery UK is committed to the management and disposal of its academic and non-academic records. The Records Retention Policy and Retention schedule outlines our approach to the creation, retrieval, storage and disposal of student records.

Sales Mastery UK will keep admissions documents for all students who register at Sales Mastery UK for the entire period during which a student is registered with Sales Mastery UK and then for a further six-year period following the end of the relationship.

As part of the admissions process, applicants who are not successful in gaining admission the files are held for a minimum of 12 months and subsequently confidentially destroyed.

These documents are stored confidentially. Sales Mastery UK.