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Our training is a unique blend of theory and practical implementation; we develop our learners in UK sales neurosciences that are integrated into our learner’s everyday working activities and sales environment. 

It is essential for our learners to demonstrate practically that they have acquired the skills and competencies to generate leads, develop sales pipelines, to close business effectively and maintain and sustain effective relationships with their clients underpinned by ethics and quality as their core focus. 

Our learners are able to engage with their learning activities online and offline with access to tutorials in groups or 1-2-1 coaching, our help desk is in place to answer any queries that our learners need support with in times of need.

We embed ethical selling behaviour into our learners; we highlight ethics as an essential ingredient in order for a professional sales person to mature to a standard of excellence.

Our learners are assessed in various methods, our core method is monitoring and measuring our learner's sales results, no learner can graduate to the next level without achieving their sales targets that are agreed at the start of their learning process.

Sales RESULTS are paramount to our thinking and are ingrained into our methodology to empower salespeople to excel to the highest level.

Sales RESULTS cannot be found inside the classroom or by applying just theory, our focus is on practical delivery for every learner to graduate, otherwise, we are setting them up to fail and become mediocre sales performers.

Vonley Joseph (Principal Sales Mastery UK)

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