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Document Control


Document Title:              Unit Returns Policy

Document Number:        BEC1

Author:                             Vonley Joseph

Change Authority:          The Board of Directors

Change History

Version Date Reason for change Change by
0.1 1st June 2016 First draft Vonley Joseph
 0.2 1st June 2018 Updated Vonley Joseph

Change Mechanism

Any person seeking to alter this document must consult the author before making any change.

Educ8tions Ltd Change Authority must endorse any alterations to the approved version of this document before any wider dissemination of the altered document.

The person making the alteration must indicate every change between the previous (approved) document version and the altered document version.



The copyright in this work is vested in Educ8tions Ltd, and the document is issued in confidence for the purpose for which it is supplied. It must not be reproduced in whole or in part or used for tendering or manufacturing purposes except under agreement or with the consent in writing of Educ8tions Ltd and then only on condition that this notice is included in any such reproduction. No information as to the contents or subject matter of this document or any part thereof arising directly or indirectly there from shall be given orally or in writing or communicated in any manner whatsoever to any third party being an individual firm or company or any employee thereof without the prior consent in writing of Educ8tions Ltd.Copyright© Educ8tions Ltd, 2010. All Rights  Reserved

Upon completion of the internal quality assurance of a candidate’s portfolio the Internal Quality Assurer will complete the IQA Report and forward this to the administrator who will then photocopy the IQA report and place a copy on the candidates centre record and the original will go into the IQA file for that period.  If the IQA is able they will take a copy of the Unit Summary Sheet(s) and forward these to the administrator to be placed onto the candidates centre record file.  If the IQA is unable to do this they must send the original to the administrator who will then copy the relevant Unit Summary Sheets and return the originals to the IQA who will return these to the candidate.

If the unit is subject to second line assessment then a copy of the second line assessment record will also be copied at this point onto the candidates centre record file.