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Document Control

Document Title:             Recruitment and Selection Policy

Document Number:      BEC9

Author:                            Vonley Joseph

Change Authority:         The Board of Directors

Change History

Version Date Reason for change Change by
0.1 1st June 2016 First draft Vonley Joseph
 0.2 1st June 2018 Updated Vonley Joseph

Change Mechanism

Any person seeking to alter this document must consult the author before making any change.

Bob Etherington Ltd Change Authority must endorse any alterations to the approved version of this document before any wider dissemination of the altered document.

The person making the alteration must indicate every change between the previous (approved) document version and the altered document version.


The copyright in this work is vested in Bob Etherington Ltd, and the document is issued in confidence for the purpose for which it is supplied. It must not be reproduced in whole or in part or used for tendering or manufacturing purposes except under agreement or with the consent in writing of Bob Etherington Ltd and then only on condition that this notice is included in any such reproduction. No information as to the contents or subject matter of this document or any part thereof arising directly or indirectly there from shall be given orally or in writing or communicated in any manner whatsoever to any third party being an individual firm or company or any employee thereof without the prior consent in writing of Bob Etherington Ltd.Copyright© Bob Etherington Ltd, 2010. All Rights  Reserved

RecruitmentandSelection Policy


Thispolicy isdevised to ensure that in the Recruitmentand Selection ofstaffthere isan ethos ofequality and diversity for all.


Bob Etherington has a recruitment and selection policy to ensure that the appointments made are the best for the organisation, open and transparent and provide equal opportunities to all.


Thispolicy should be read in conjunction with Educ8tion’sEquality and DiversityPolicy and Procedures and itsDisability,Race and GenderEquality Schemes.


Bob Etherington welcome all applications from under – represented groups, including black and ethnic minorities and disabled people. In its quest that is staff profile reflects the wide community.

All recruitment documentation produced will promote diversity, including someone’s race, gender and disability and will also be nondiscriminatory and free from stereotypical images.

Bob Etherington will carry out statistical monitoring or the recruitment and selection exercise

and amend the process if appropriate in an attempt to ensure that the staff profiles reflect theCommunity and Bob Etherington aim of social inclusion.

Bob Etherington wish to promote equality of opportunity and in particular, to introduce clear guidance about how many candidates with disabilities must be treated in relation to reasonable adjustments, including the introduction of the guaranteed interview scheme.


Before recruitment and selection process proceeds formal authorization must be given by the Management team.

Once the process has been authorized, the Human resource team must be consulted regarding the time scale and method for advertising and the associated paperwork and arrangements.




All posts will be advertised internally and externally advertised. Internal Advertisements will fall into two classifications; ring fenced and internal. The director will determine which classification is appropriate.


Ring fenced advertisements: Will open to those staff within a faculty/section or other group of appropriately qualified and experienced staff when a vacancy arises.

Internal Advertisements: Will be for posts falling vacant and such posts will be available to any applicant.

Advertising externally will be not appropriate when doing so, as it might lead directly to an avoidable redundancy situation. For certain job markets it might also be appropriate and better value for money, to go directly to a specialist recruitment or headhunting agency.

As far as is practicable, Bob Etherington will strive to make absent members of staff aware of

employment and career opportunities within WHC. E.G. staff absent due to ill health       Secondment parental / maternity leave etc.

Posts that are advertised externally, the college will through positive engagement, seek to promote these amongst community based organisations which seek to assist traditionally disadvantages group seeking employment. E.G. disability groups, ethnic minority etc.


Applications will be treatedconfidentiallyandcirculatedonly to those staffdirectlyinvolved In the recruitment and selection process.

Shortlistingdecisions will be basedupon the personspecification and objectivejob based Criteria.

Normally the samepanel willshortlistandinterviewcandidates,butatleast twopeopleshould be involved in both.Those shortlistingneed not meet togetherbutthereshould be some contactand/ordiscussionto ensure that thereisconsistency within the process.

Staffinvolved in the recruitment processmustdisclose to HR ifthey are related toa prospectivecandidate orare a personalfriend. A decision will then be taken byAssistant Director with responsibilityfor HR on if itisappropriateforthe staffmember to continuewith their involvementand ifnecessaryagree a replacement.


Documentaryevidence ofafair processwill be maintainedshould a candidateraise acase ofunlawfuldiscriminationagainstEdu8tions and to enablehonestandaccuratefeedbackto be provided to unsuccessful candidatesifrequired.

Where an applicant identifiesthemselves asbeing disabled(under the termsofthe EqualityAct 2010) the HRTeamwill discusswhetheranyreasonableadjustmentswill be required ifa candidate is selected forinterview.Theequalityinformation will notbe revealed to anyselectionpanel.



Interviewpanelswillbe composed ofappropriatelytrainedstaff, andinclude amemberofthe HRteamunlessagreed by SMTandDirector that thisisnotnecessary.

In the case ofpermanent teachingstaffandmanagement grade stafftheappointing

officerwill be a member ofthe SeniorManagement Team.

Allquestions will be relevant,jobrelatedand within the scope ofcurrentlegislation.All

candidateswill be asked the samequestionsandscoredusinganagreedassessment template.

Additional methods ofselection may be useful inassessing a candidate’ssuitability fora post,i.e.typingtests, shortwrittenquestions, and scenariobasedwritten or verbal

Exercises etc.


Arecommendation for a permanentappointment mustbe presentedtotheDirector

andagreed alloffers ofemploymentwill be subjecttotwo satisfactory references,evidence ofeligibility toworkin the UK,andconfirmation ofeducationalqualifications.

All offersofemployment will be subjectto the successful completion ofanenhanced

criminalrecordsdisclosurefrom DisclosureScotland.



The Collegecommits to informingallapplicantsregarding the outcome oftheirapplicationwithin areasonabletimescale. The College will alsoprovide honestandaccurate feedbacktoapplicantson request.


The Collegecommits toprovidingrelevantinductiontraining to allstaff andmonitoring

 the effectiveness ofthistraining.



It isinevitable that staffatall levelsmay wish to furthercareersout-with Bob Etherington. Howeverin an attempt to mitigateagainstthisthefollowingstrategies canbeadopted.

Educ8tion’sparticipationinbenchmarkingexercises can give an earlywarningofimbalances in Bob Etherington remunerationpackages via theSector and for Industry.

The SMTwill be required to address, and ifnecessary advise the F&GPCommittee ofareas ofimbalance.

The environment inwhichstaff are expected to workwill be ofa highstandardwithstate ofthe artICTfacilitiesprovided.

The SMTshouldensureallstaffarevalued and thosestaffshowingpotential

For promotionaredeveloped.

Linemanagersshouldfacilitatediscussion atallrelevantopportunitieswithstaff,includingappraisalsand reviewsto reflect on issues, CPDand individualsdevelopment.

The SMTmustensurethat key staffaremadeawarethat theirendeavors onbehalfofBob Etherington are appreciatedandrecognized. TheBoard ofGovernors hasa role in respectofthe SMT.

Allpermanent staff twillbehave ayearlyindepth and honestappraisals.

Aswith allCollegeposts,key staffwill be supportedin the balance betweenhome and workcommitments.

The HRteamhasa role in identifyingpotential difficulties and shouldreport on absence staffturnover, exitinterviewcomments,analysisofappraisals forms andstaff surveys.


Wherebusinessneedsdictate the need to maketemporaryappointmentsie formaternitycover, sickleave orshort courses, theprinciplesforthe recruitmentprocess are the same as above. The onlydifferencewill be thatadvertisingvacancies may be replaced by reviewingspeculativeemploymentenquiriesalreadyreceived bythe College.

Candidatesshould be interviewedand can be appointed by anyperson onthesenior

management teamorpersondulydelegated,inwriting,bythe Principal.


In line with legislativerequirements, recruitment documentation will be heldsecurely by the HumanResourcesdepartment forsixmonths, afterwhich timeitwill be destroyed



Thispolicy will be reviewed by March2015 orwhen circumstanceschangeanypart ofit.

Appendix 1:Recruitmentof Senior ManagementStaff or Director

When a vacancyoccurs atSenior Managementlevelthe Search and NominationsCommittee ofthe boardwill considerandagreethe job specification, remunerationpackageand the recruitment processthatwill apply.

The AssistantDirector withresponsibilityfor HumanResourcesisresponsiblefor providinginformation on the remunerationpackages of seniorstaff, to enable these to bebenchmarkedinternally(andagainst the sector) ifappropriate.

The processwill be managed by theDirector.

KEYPOSTSare identified as

Assistant Director Curriculum

Assistant Director OrganisationalDevelopmentAssistant Director QualityLearningandTeaching

Director or FinanceandCorporateServices

Special arrangements will be putinplace forthe recruitment ofa newDirector andthesearrangementswillbe drawn up by the Search and NominationsCommitteeforapproval by the Board. .

In thisinstancebestpracticecalls forthe inclusion ofan independent viewthrough the useofconsultants or independent members ofselectionpanels.