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Bob Etherington

Bob owns The Bob Etherington Group Ltd the international City based company helping executives reach their goals fast by selling their ideas, products and services more effectively and more profitably. 

He was previously International Director of Sales Training for Reuters (now Thomson Reuters). He was also a main board director of Reuters Transaction Services Ltd. and lived for several years in New York raising the skills of the US sales force to market-leader status in the Americas.

He has written 4 well known books on selling and persuading for business people. `Negotiating Skills for Virgins` Selling Skills for Complete Amateurs` `Cold Calling for Chickens` and `Presentation Skills for Quivering Wrecks` [This book has remained in the top 10 business books on for the past 5 years. It is recommended and quoted by The Guardian, The Financial Times, BA `Business Life` Magazine, Institute of Directors magazine and Esquire.]

Bob was originally trained by Rank Xerox and before joining Reuters was also employed in sales management roles by Grand Metropolitan and Midland Bank.

He is a frequent conference speaker all over the World, Special Advisor to Westminster Business Council and was recently elected a Freeman of the City of London. He is also a qualified pilot and electronics engineer.

Herbie Skeete

Herbie speaks, advises and trains executives in the skills required to succeed in the equity and futures markets of the 21st century. Herbie is the founder and managing director of Monde Visione Ltd, the leading source of insight and knowledge about the world’s exchanges and trading venues. With over 25 years experience in the financial information industry, since 1991,  Monde Visione has produced the industry-standard, ‘Handbook of  World Stock, Derivative and Commodity Exchanges’. He is based in the City of London and spends much of his time overseas advising and assisting new and established market participants to succeed under a range of financial conditions.

Herve Back

Herve is one of Europe’s foremost entrepreneurs and business-to-business sales experts. He had a high flying career at Rank Xerox in the 1970’s rising to become the company’s top UK sales executive and finally their top Sales Manager. In the 1980’s he founded the business equipment company, Chartex Systems Ltd in the UK. This company has grown through several recessions to become an extremely successful business based in the South East of England with several hundred clients. Hervé is a fluent French speaker and travels the World helping companies in every industry to sell their services and products more profitably, in increasingly tough markets.

Tom Synder 

Tom is an internationally recognised sales leader. He delivers more than 50 inspirational and practical talks to all levels of sales executives and managers, across the Globe each year. Tom began his career with the United States Federal Government, and became a member of the White House staff under two different US Presidents.

He was then for eight years on the management team of the World’s leading sales research and training company Huthwaite, Inc. rising to become CEO before leaving in 2008 to launch another US company. He now advises executives at US Fortune 500 companies on effective sales and marketing techniques. He was named the 2005 Entrepreneur of the Year by the Corporate Finance Institute of Washington DC and in January of 2008 he was named one of America’s 100 Most Influential Sales Leaders by the editors of the Encyclopedia of Selling. He is the author of several sales books and lives just outside Washington DC.


Principal: Vonley Joseph

Vonley has been selling since 1984 starting out selling apparel, he has acquired over thirty two years sales experience across several sectors in B2B, B2C and third sector.

In his current role as principal at the Bob Etherington Academy he is currently campaigning to raise awareness for sales to be promoted as a professional career pathway in schools, colleges and universities.

Current project involves empirical research and development into UK sales training to fill skills gaps for micro and SME sales companies to employ and sustain unemployed graduates into a professional sales career pathway.

He is also the co-founder of the Society Of Sales Innovation global sales cooperative set up to establish entrepreneurial sales learning hubs within grass roots communities providing the opportunity for potential sales people to learn sales and achieve their dreams.

His passion for sales has driven him to achieve voluminous goals that he puts down to getting into a sales career as a teenager after leaving school without any qualifications. 

Vonley is passionate that sales will be the accelerator to reduce UK poverty gaps and partners with private, public and third sector organisations to recruit and develop new and existing sales people into professional selling.

Vice Principal: Dennis Drake (MBA)


Dennis Drakes started his career as a Civil Servant in his native Trinidad and Tobago in the 1970s, before moving on to becoming an ‘international public servant’ with the Commonwealth Secretariat and the United Nations Development Programme. During his tenure with these two international agencies he has had several long-term postings. His assignments have been in diverse regions of the world, such as south Asia (twice), Micronesia in the south Pacific, southern Africa and the Caribbean. These postings have afforded him the opportunity to understand things from a different perspective. His major interests are in the area of Organisational Development, Strategic Planning and Performance Management.

Over the past 10 years Mr. Drakes has been able to convert his practical experiences into the classroom setting, in the face-to-face medium as well as in the on-line environment. His experiences no doubt are an asset to the switch to teaching. He teaches a range of business subjects, including Marketing Management, Organisational Development, Strategic Management and Compensation Management, among others.

He holds a BSc degree in Management Studies from New York University, NY, USA, and an MBA from DeMontfort University, UK. He also holds on-line teaching certification from the University of the West Indies and the Organisation of American States, Washington, DC.

Kostadin Nikolov


Kostadin is our technical advisor who has made a positive and sizeable
contribution. He is helping us to build, develop and maintain the website.
Kostadin is doing great administration work which helps elevate the stress
this causes his coleagues.

Professor Andy Ray

Since joining IBM in Rome, Italy, as a Graduate Systems Engineer in 1967, Andy has been a thoroughly "corporate professional" -- working at the likes of IBM, Bank of America, HSBC, Otis Elevators, VISA International, and back at IBM again. His expertise has been mainly in Banking and Financial Technology area and large-scale Programme Management involving £200m investment and nearly 400 staff members. 

As early as 1996, at VISA International, Andy successfully pioneered the world's largest e-commerce pilot with 112 major European banks. He also helped establish from scratch China's entry into the global Card Payments System -- and today China Union Pay is the world's largest card issuer, surpassing both VISA and MasterCard. 

As a Strategic Consultant, Andy also worked on assignments for the World Bank Investment Centre, the European Commission, and the UK Government; and has lived/worked in diverse countries such as Italy, Germany, USA, UK, the Middle East , India, and China. 

Andy has held seminars at the University College, Oxford, and the London School of Economics, and has been a regular conference speaker in the banking industry.  

To transfer his four decades of practical, professional, insights to Management and Finance theories, Andy has also started part-time teaching for the past eight years -- covering Quality Assured/Approved subjects in Finance, Leadership, and Programme Management; they range from Undergraduate (Level 4) to Doctorate (Level 8) as well as Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) programmes.

Privately, Andy has been a keen activist in the community and voluntary sectors.  

Jay Tikam (MBA)

Jay Tikam is a management consultant, who has helped some of the world`s largest companies, including, Aviva, Prudential UK, Aegon UK, HBOS, Nationwide, Schroders, and the South African Reserve Bank (to name a few) embrace risk management and compliance as a way to enhance bottom line profit and reducing expenses. He now uses his experience from the financial services sector, to help Small and Medium Sized enterprises boost sales in a safe and compliant way. He has a unique and fresh approach to teaching his clients how to use risk management and compliance to gain competitive advantage.