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Our Sales Mastery Pathway is designed for individuals or companies that need to increase their SALES RESULTS. Our focus is on developing minds to perform to exceptional levels. 

Our Projects are as follows:

Bob Etherington Employment Into Sales (BEES)

The BEES project is for graduates or those that have come through our academy to get into enterprise or employment. targets are agreed between BE Academy and organisation for candidates to deliver, subject to candidate delivering their targets they are fast track into a higher salary plus bonuses and commissions.  

Bob Etherington Enterprise Development (BEED)

The BEED project is for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to achieve viable business growth through pro active selling, we implement a unique practical approach in developing entrepreneurial talent through practical sales application we are able to support your business to achieve its full potential whether you are a individual, small or large organisation we will facilitate your needs. 

Bob Etherington Enterprise Progession (BEEP) 

BEEP project is for companies who want to go offshore or seeking to grow in foreign markets, we have global sales expertise in house to develop, grow and sustain your offshore progression onto the next level. 

Our Pathways are as follows: 


BE LTD Upcoming Events

Wed May 17 @11:30 - 01:00PM
Graduate Recruitment Day
Thu May 25 @18:00 - 09:00PM
18 Hours Sales Mastery (Module Two)
Wed Jun 21 @11:30 - 01:00PM
Graduate Recruitment Day
Thu Jun 29 @18:00 - 09:00PM
18 Hours Sales Mastery (Module Three)
Wed Jul 19 @11:30 - 01:00PM
Graduate Recruitment Day
Tue Jul 25 @18:00 - 09:00PM
18 Hours Sales & Leadership Mastery (Module One)
Thu Jul 27 @18:00 - 09:00PM
18 Hours Sales Mastery (Module One)
Wed Aug 16 @11:30 - 01:00PM
Graduate Recruitment Day