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Our values are to empower anyone in sales to be ambitious and successful.

Our team at Bob Etherington Sales Awards are passionate about providing exceptional customer service to support you in exceeding your expectations. We have an approach to customer standards  that makes us different and easily accessible to get support, flexible and responsive."

At BESA you will receive:

  • A dedicated contact at BESA

  • Communicating in user friendly English 

  • Regular published data of your results and progression

To communicate effectively - we will:

  • Be easy to contact during our office opening hours

  • Allocate your centre a dedicated person responsible for dealing with all your enquiries and give you their direct line and e-mail address. In case they aren’t available, we’ll also give you the contact details of your Centre Support Assistant’s ‘buddy’

  • Publish phone numbers and email addresses on our website. If you can’t access the website, you can phone our main number 0800 007 6786 to get through to our Support Team.

  • Provide our publications and assessment materials in English or in an alternative format, where appropriate and on request

To help you to progress your candidates from registration to certification as easily as possible, we will:

  • Acknowledge or respond to any phone message, e-mail or letter within one working day of receiving it

  • Confirm approval for qualifications or courses you want to deliver within 5 working days of receiving your completed notification form

  • Allocate an External Quality Assurer within 7 working days of candidate registration

  • Provide online assessment for selected qualifications

  • Send you multiple choice external assessment results within 14 working days

  • Send you results for other types of external assessment within 21 working days of the cut-off date for marking.

  • Send your certificates and/or letters after completion within 7 working days.

To help you to deliver BESA  courses effectively, we will:

    • Allocate your centre a dedicated Business Development Manager and Business Development Officer who can talk to you about your centre’s curriculum needs

    • Publish our fees in a clear format with no hidden charges

    • Send you our quarterly-newsletter and regular email news updates

    • Provide an informative and accessible website where you can download learning materials and publications.

    • Provide a range of training and networking events for staff from your centre throughout the year (see our Events page)

    • Provide a step-by-step guide to our processes from approval to certificate in our Centre Support Guide

    • Allocate an External Quality Assurer when you register learners for each qualification or course you offer, who’ll visit at least once a year to provide support and sample learners’ portfolios.

Helping us to help you...
We rely on your feedback to let us know whether we’re providing the right kind of products and service. We carry out a number of surveys and focus groups throughout the year, but you don’t have to wait until then to tell us what you think. If you want to give us your thoughts you can e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view or just pick up the phone and tell us - 0800 007 6786