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We Will Change Your Life

Learning & Development

Sales Mastery Pathway

16 Columns

16 Columns is the foundation in generating more leads to grow your business. The practical sales columns have been proven over decades of implementation including getting through several recessions.

Our learners are required to complete an action plan detailing their sales objectives with times, dates and deadlines and we support them to achieve their visionary objectives whilst focusing on their Actions, Deeds and Performance.

Our 16 columns are a solid foundation for any organisation that wishes to grow their business proactively through generating sales, whether you are a micro and multinational organisation the 16 columns is a must for your  business to SUCCEED.  

18 Hours Sales Mastery

Our advanced seminars/workshops are positioned to get your new recruits or existing sales staffs into the world of professional selling.

Our 18 Hours Sales Mastery is a combination of 18 unique topics that empowers learners to underpin their knowledge and gain competence in implementing the 18 Hours Sales Mastery topics.

Learners have to prove themselves by increasing their SALES RESULTS whilst on 18 Hours Sales Mastery or they will not progress onto the next level.

18 hours Sales & Leadership Mastery

18 Hours Sales & Leadership Mastery is for proven professionals or those who are aspiring to become a proven professional, our topics are a combination of the elements of 18 Hours Sales Mastery integrated with practical management techniques that have their foundations rooted in the practical expertise of running a global sales force. 

18 Hours Executive Selling

 18 Hours Executive Selling is for senior sales executives or those seeking to become a senior sales executive, our combination of sales governance combined with the practical application of how to be fully competent as a sales director.

The 18 Hours Sales executive course will put your director skills to the test for you to excel and support others to excel whilst developing and achieving growth through sales results and maintaining and sustaining performance in your sales organisation 

All of our learners are enlisted as members to the Bob Etherington Sales Mastery club where they will gain benefits such as:


Audio recordings that have been put together to fine tune listening skills and also to give learners the opportunity whilst on the train or driving to listen to Bob Etherington's array of tips and techniques to increase SALES RESULTS.

 As a member of the Bob Etherington Sales Mastery Club members receives audio recordings to support their selling journey, it is our intention to support you to be the best setting impeccable standards for the sales professionals.


All members receive Bob Eherington's books on selling, negotiating, presenting and persuading for business people.


Our webinars are hosted to support members development, we stream live seminars into our online network to give members the opportunity to catch up or see seminars live. 


Our seminars are hosted worldwide covering various topics, members receive reduce rates or free entry for seminars. 

Annual Conference

Our member’s annual sales conference is also an awards ceremony for our best achievers to be recognised for their efforts and success. As well as a gathering of sales experts from all over the world to focus on innovative ways forward for sales in the UK and worldwide.

We host our conference in partnership with the Sales Innovation Expo and Sales Mastery Magazine.

Networking Events

Sales networking can be difficult so we provide you with the platform to meet other members and work together towards your goals. 


Our quarterly newsletter keeps you up to date with sales activities within the Bob Etherington Sales Mastery Club and accomplishments within our sales academy. 



Four Pillars


16 Columns


18 Hours Sales Mastery


18 Hours Sales and

Leadership Mastery


18 Hours Executive Selling


Corporate Package

Expert Sales Mastery

2 Days, Up to 10 People


Amazing Field Days

2 Days, Up to 10 People


Breakthrough to Success

1 Day, Up to 10 People


Elite Graduate Pathway

12 Months Programme

                                                £6,017 (plus £3000 on hitting targets)